Inward Investment and other Services to Commonwealth, US and European Businesses

We help your business move beyond borders.

Increasingly, businesses that aspire to grow have to reach beyond their own country and operate to internationally recognised standards.

Whether you need consultancy support and internationally recognised training in your home country or whether you need a full package of on-the-ground support and employment advice to establish your business in the UK.

Our HR Consultants specialise in the following…


  • Address all HR issues on a project or interim basis
  • Design and deliver training to HR teams and professionals
  • Set up, recruit, assess, coach and manage the talent of employees

Ethics & Standards

  • Navigate this complex area by providing grounded and strategic advice
  • Consider improved ways of working and facilitate discussions around the UN guiding principles on Business and Human Rights
  • Develop good employment practice
  • Safeguard against reputational risk associated with poor labour practices and mismanagement in overseas operations


  • We can arrange legal advice on immigration requirements through our associated legal practice, Clarkslegal LLP, or with other law firms internationally
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Thought Leadership

Articles relating to HR services
Thought Leadership
Over 6000 key skilled workers are denied entry to the UK.
18th May 2018
Over 6000 key skilled workers are denied entry to the UK.
Thought Leadership
Looking ahead at business immigration in 2018.
5th January 2018
Looking ahead at business immigration in 2018.