Our skills and advice are delivered through a team of experienced consultants

Our clients hire us for our ability to come to grips with their requirements and deliver real results in one-on-one coaching, embedded or interim support, fixed-term projects, corporate transformations, restructures, high stakes negotiations or resolving major skills shortages.

In each case we tailor a high quality solution to specific needs. We are equally at home in the private, public and not for profit sectors, whether delivering major programmes of change or one-on-one coaching for senior leaders.

We are only able to do this because we deploy legally informed HR expertise, a multi-level team and a way of working for you which is flexible, cost-effective, inventive and ‘can do’. All our consultants have substantial industry and people management experience.

We know the value of a strong, strategic approach to HR; moreover, we realise that, in testing times, when things can become fraught, we must work extra hard to engage your stakeholders and find a sensible solution.

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Innovate, Transform & Deliver

While we may be called to give strategic advice, our team can, as importantly,  stay with you to implement your plan, reducing risk and minimising cost and disruption,  (indeed it was in tackling difficult HR and legal issues arising from business restructuring, alongside our associated law firm, Clarkslegal, that we first forged our reputation).

We have a reputation for being commercially aware and pragmatic.

So, to take one example, because we understand the importance of your reputation, our experts in supply chain integrity and ethics will always work on a risk-minimisation basis.

Our own networks are worldwide and we use them and the other companies in our group to supplement our expertise and help us develop our thought leadership which, in turn, drives our own innovation.

Finally, in seeking to improve our service constantly, we measure our own performance against our ability to| Innovate | Transform | Deliver.

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