Senior Leadership Coaching and Development

Looking after your most valuable resource: your leaders.

The leaders of the business play a decisive role in its direction and ultimate fate yet, all too often, they find themselves at the mercy of events rather than being able to determine them – expected, rather than equipped, to deal with anything that life throws at them.

Good leadership does not just happen: the skills to manage ever more complex and pressurised situations and to collaborate effectively as a team have to be learned systematically and integrated with wider business operations.

Our confidential one to one coaching facilitates senior leadership in areas such as:

One-to-one Leadership/Executive Coaching

  • Our confidential one-to-one coaching enables leaders to develop and learn in order to achieve excellence in leadership.
  • Our coaches work collaboratively with their coachees to identify coaching goals, then work to set objectives against these goals for the coaching assignment.
  • Tripartite meetings between the coach, the coachee and the coachee’s line manager are encouraged to review the coachee’s goals, and ensure that they are in alignment with company objectives.
  • The coaching process commonly involves increasing self-awareness in order to improve effectiveness, developing an authentic leadership identity, and learning how to maintain high levels of resilience and wellbeing in the face of leadership challenges.

Coaching Female Leaders

  • Numerous studies show that women leaders are not operating on a level-playing field with men – particularly in male-dominated organisations and sectors – due to the presence of gender bias and women’s own “psychological glass ceiling” resulting from a lifetime of internalising gender stereotypes.
  • Our coaches are experts in coaching women and understand common barriers that women must overcome to be the best that they can be.
  • They work collaboratively with their coaches to help to identify what is holding them back in their organisations – from difficulties with self-belief, struggles with strategic influencing, and challenges with authenticity – and work to overcome these barriers.

Team Coaching

  • Our coaches help to develop team mindedness, collaborative working, and a good balance of complementary skills and personal attributes. How to use your teams more effectively and overcome challenges to maximum team achievement.

Outplacement Coaching

  • Our coaches help to prepare individuals for alternative job opportunities in a situation of change. Identifying experience, skills and strengths to offer and develop, and how to best present these to potential employers.
  • Our coaches provide sympathetic support to strengthen personal confidence to look for new career pathways to suit mindset, motivation and abilities.
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Thought Leadership

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