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Every HR manager needs extra help now and again. Maybe it is a big restructuring project, an international merger issue or an absent team member. Whatever the challenge, Forbury People can help by providing you with highly experienced people who can fill in any missing gaps in your resource and add real value to all your activities.

Our professionals add strength to your team using extensive experience in the issues that matter most. We have a practical and commercial approach to everything we do, taking into account your business objectives and context.

You can hire us on a retained, interim or project basis. Our service is available internationally. Our consultants have experience of operating across the globe. Fees will be clear and our people will be selected for your particular situation. Quality and value is guaranteed, and of course we have legal backup from colleagues in Clarkslegal.

Read more about our areas of expertise:

  • Struggling with absenteeism?
  • Seeking higher levels of attendance and productivity?
  • Need to ensure your managers are really managing absence?

Forbury People specialise in analysing and understanding your workforce challenges. We will work with you to achieve long term sustained improvement in your attendance levels or you can outsource this problem to us.

Business intelligence (BI) is the set of techniques and tools for the transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis. BI technologies are capable of handling large amounts of unstructured data to help identify, develop and otherwise create new strategic business opportunities. If your business operates in a world of data, and most do, it will be crucial that your ‘people data’ is defined as business intelligence. It will enable you to make better decisions, plan better and ensure you manage your workforce strategically.

When we use data to uncover the workplace behaviours that make people effective, happy, creative, experts, leaders, followers, early adopters, and so on, we are using “people analytics.”

Today, people analytics is due to take off! We now have more data than ever before from a variety of sources: E-mail records, Web browsing behaviour, instant messaging, and all the other digital systems we use give us information about how people work. Forbury People can support you in determining your BI and analytics needs and put in place suitable, sustainable solutions. We can also help you with developing systems for non-financial reporting (such as compliance with health and safety or environmental standards).

In a global economy, regular change is essential in order to remain competitive. Forbury People can help you to make this change happen. We will work with you to carefully plan and smoothly implement projects of any size. Combining expertise, experience and diplomacy you can depend on us to navigate the hazards that any change management programme can create. Areas we cover include redundancy, TUPE, acquisitions and mergers.

We are also experts in collective consultation with deep experience of discussions with trade unions and employee representatives. In addition to representing your interests, Forbury People can train your people in the most effective strategies for dealing with issues in this sensitive area. Change management is never easy. We have the resources, skills, experience and geographical spread to make it easier.

Coaching is all about communication and relationships. The best coaching conversations enable people to reflect on what is happening and importantly, to identify and develop their own options for change. The conversation can lead to improved performance in the workplace, a life change or just a different way of doing things. The important thing is the solution is owned by the person being coached.

At Forbury People we can support your managers to have the skills to coach their teams and significantly improve performance and engagement in the workplace. We can also provide other solutions to facilitate the development of a coaching culture by enabling managers to adopt a coaching approach with their teams. Developing a coaching culture will have significant impact on your bottom line and we have experience of enabling peer to peer coaching, which is an exciting development and one that has shown to have tangible benefits in the workplace for improving innovation and enabling change.

Gail regularly holds leadership and coaching seminars in our offices, which have proven very popular.

As a leader you will have the ability and power to change policies and procedures, but the hardest challenge you will face is altering or creating a new organisational culture change. Organisations are constantly questioning the extent to which their culture impacts on their performance and on employees' engagement with their goals and ambitions.

Forbury People can work with you to understand your culture and facilitate senior discussions around the culture you aspire to have. We can help you determine your culture change path, ensuring that this is not left to chance, and that initiatives taken by your leaders translate into clear, tangible improvements in culture.

Are you currently trying to connect with different parts of a fragmented organisation; improve the way people in your organisation collaborate and communicate; or tap into collective intelligence and unlock knowledge capital? If so, you’re not alone: many organisations have recognised the opportunities and challenges of the digital workplace, but are experiencing varying levels of success in implementing digital solutions to address them.

A requirement may have been identified, some new technology implemented and possibly even a change programme initiated, but often they are not seeing any movement in terms of enhanced collaboration, communication or tangible business outcomes. Forbury People can work with you to provide digital solutions to unplug the problem and seize the benefits of change.

An engaged employee is a productive employee. Whether grappling with a challenging workforce or employee issues or considering how you will improve the morale and engagement of your workforce, Forbury People can help. At a recent meeting of the CIPD, SE Wales branch, one of our consultants spoke about the employee engagement challenges faced by organisations today, ranging from how to manage the cross generational workforce to raising the employee voice and dealing with trade unions.

Forbury People consultants can support you in identifying the best routes to measuring and improving employee engagement and undertaking employee engagement surveys.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) says ‘Employee relations is an underlying philosophy, along with the necessary attitudes and skills, rather than a specific management function or well-defined activity’.

At Forbury People, we believe that good employee relations are a fundamental requirement in order to build solid and sustainable business performance and growth.

This philosophy encompasses employee relations (including internal communication approaches and creating the company ‘story’); industrial relations, the employment relationship, conflict and mediation, industrial action and strikes, trade unions, trade union recognition and negotiation, collective bargaining and whistleblowing. Whether it is improving the psychological contract and building trust or negotiations with trade unions, Forbury People have the skill and expertise to support your latest challenge.

Ensuring transparency and accountability; setting a strategic vision informed by stakeholders; managing risk; great decision making – balancing these aspects is a daunting challenge.

Forbury People takes a holistic approach to Corporate Governance. Our approach offers executives and non-executives a framework within which they can establish the right skills, competencies, people and means of recognition, to produce an inspirational vision and to manage within a suitable framework of accountability.

Do you know if your overtime is guaranteed or non-guaranteed?

These unavoidable changes can be complex: but we can run a holiday pay audit to identify the scale of the change and implement solutions that work for you. Your organisation will continue to function as normal while an interim specialist reviews your policies and prepares your organisation for the holiday pay legislative changes in a cost-effective, simple way.

  • Flexible solutions?
  • Retained HR services or interim support?

At times of pressure, you may need urgent or temporary support. Forbury People can supply an interim expert as a cost effective solution for managing a project or supplementing your team. Alternatively, we can support you through the provision of a retained HR professional; on hand to respond expertly when you need it.

Theresa carried out a project as interim HR manager for a global client. She supported the in-house HR team, addressing issues in a fast-paced and complex environment. 

Job evaluation is a systematic way of determining the value/worth of a job in relation to other jobs in an organisation. It makes a systematic comparison between jobs to assess their relative worth for the purpose of establishing a rational pay structure.

The purpose of job evaluation is to produce a ranking of jobs on which a rational and acceptable pay structure can be built. Job evaluation aims at balancing two goals i.e., internal equity and external competitiveness. Internal equity: - paying different jobs differently, based on what the job entails. And, external competitiveness: - Paying satisfactory performers what the market is paying. In addition, job evaluation focuses on job content - what each individual is doing in their part of the jobs efficiently and effectively.

If you would like support or guidance with a job evaluation project, Forbury People has the expertise and experience to assist you.

Our mentoring service offers one to one support for managers and executives, enabling them to achieve their full potential and enhance personal impact and performance.

We can provide executive coaches or highly experienced senior business and HR mentors on an individual basis or as part of wider leadership development programmes and will fully tailor our service to meet the needs of the individual or organisation.

Forbury People coaching and mentoring is carried out by fully qualified consultants who have extensive experience and expertise in coaching, mentoring, leadership and organisation development.

We also have an international mentoring programme: Our HR and Organisational Development mentors are senior executives who have operated at senior levels in the private and public sectors. Our six or twelve month mentoring programme will enable internationally based senior professionals to significantly increase their influence and build confidence.

Organisational development (OD) is an approach that enables a systematic approach to improving organisational effectiveness – one that aligns strategy, people and processes.  OD involves both ‘hard’ issues such as strategy, policies, structures and systems, as well as softer issues such as skills, behaviours, attitudes, culture and a style of leadership that will enable organisations to deliver great performance. To avoid conflict between organisational goals and needs, it is imperative that both these issues are addressed. Forbury People consultants can offer several different areas of expertise:

  • OD consultancy: supporting you through your change programme – for example supporting cultural change, or specific projects which require expertise in participative approaches to change.
  • OD capacity building: supporting you with tailored training, leadership or OD development programmes –either for OD practitioners or HR professionals.
  • OD coaching: supporting you in the development your OD strategies, providing support and challenge as you consider the implications of approaching change initiatives.

Jason facilitated senior management discussions around the organisation development of a large charity and social enterprise. Board engagement was challenging but changes have recently been implemented due to Jason's success. 

Creating, developing and embedding strategy in an organisation's planning process is a creative activity that benefits from great facilitation. Forbury People can provide challenge, support and facilitation when designing strategy. Our strategic services also include:

  • facilitation and challenge during your corporate planning process
  • risk assessment of board and governance arrangements
  • analysis of organisational culture and desired culture
  • facilitation of strategic visioning
  • stakeholder engagement

Discipline and grievance handling can be difficult and time consuming. The impact on the organisation of mishandling discipline or grievances when they arise can range from risking costly tribunal claims to impacting negatively on employee relations and morale.

We can guide you through the necessary disciplinary and grievance procedures to ensure you comply with your statutory obligations. We can provide independent, unbiased chairing of disciplinary and grievance hearings and appeals. We also offer support, guidance and training for line managers in the handling of disciplinary and grievance situations.

Heather has been assisting a large organisation with a complex disciplinary matter including potential fraud. She completed interviews, witness statements, and handled the suspension of the employee in question. 

We can review, update and even draft from scratch all the documentation you need to operate effectively and in compliance with current legal requirements. These include contracts of employment and/or policies and procedures applicable to your business. Once we have established and agreed with you what you will need, we can provide a fixed fee to cover it all. This can include a programme of implementation including training if required. Because much of this work can be done remotely, we can keep our prices keen and competitive.

Sam and Louise worked on an extensive, but short term project for a global organisation, in a very challenging investigation case reviewing large volumes of employment files. 

Your business success will undoubtedly be due to the quality of leadership being displayed in your organisation. Whether you need your leaders to be collaborative, inclusive, engaging or more commercial, Forbury People consultants will work with you and your team to develop bespoke programmes for development.

We have extensive experience of challenging, supporting and developing managers and leaders to enable them to fulfil their potential. We work with them to inspire increased performance and can enable them to obtain increased commitment from their teams and to drive their organisation forward to achieve strategic objectives.

Our focus is on connecting their learning through reference to their business environment. We use academic theory and best practice models to underpin our activities and develop approaches that have real practical value and bring about significant change and business benefits.

We offer a range of leadership development activities which can be used as individual interventions or combined to offer a blended leadership development programme. These activities may include 360 degree feedback, psychometric testing, coaching, training workshops, action learning and project work and are all tailored to your organisational needs.

Forbury People can assist you in understanding and addressing your leadership needs.

Gail has recently delivered leadership workshops for HR managers which have proven very popular.

Our highly qualified conflict and dispute resolution specialists are well practised mediators. Whether you need mediation support for workplace and employment issues between staff and teams, organisational change or tensions at director, board and shareholder levels, we can offer mediation guidance and experience. In addition, we offer accredited mediation training and expertise with issues over contracts along with challenging employee relations and trade union matters.

Alison successfully carried out complex mediation work for a social housing group. 

Performance management is a process by which managers and employees work together to plan, monitor and review an employee’s work objectives and overall contribution to the organisation. Done well, it is much more than just an annual performance review. Performance management is the continuous process of setting objectives, assessing progress and providing on-going coaching and feedback to ensure that employees are meeting their objectives and career goals. We can help with the development and implementation of a creative system that builds on employee strengths and helps them achieve their potential.

Under the Data Protection Act (DPA), individuals can seek access to personal data held by your company. Employees may seek such information as part of an internal grievance process or, perhaps, as a precursor to a claim or simply because they want to know what data your company holds on them. These are Subject Access Requests (SARs). All data held on a company computerised system will be data held in a “relevant filing system” for the purposes of the DPA. If you have had such a request, you will know that these can prove to be costly, including in terms of time and manpower. We can help take the pain out of a SARS request in a timely and cost effective way.

We can help you in three ways: legal, IT, and HR resource. We have a team of lawyers who can advise you on your obligations regarding SARs; our IT team can help with downloading the data which in some cases can run into 10 or 100’s of 1000’s of emails and our team of specialist consultants can assist cost effectively with the process of reviewing the data in advance of disclosure and redacting.

We provided a team of consultants to deliver a complex subject access request response for a major corporate client in the news industry. This was a significant project in a complex environment, successfully completed by our FPL team. 

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