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It's that time again - we are riding headlong into the Christmas party season!

Festive revelry and employment lawyers rarely mix well and I suspect it is because we can be at our busiest post Christmas. But I was reading a case recently which reminds us of the importance of appropriate behaviour at office Christmas parties - Jones v MBNA - The case emphasised the importance of reminding employees before (yes, before!) the party, about the standards of behaviour expected.

I don’t want to be a party pooper, but it’s difficult being an employment lawyer! Whatever you are doing this season, I hope you have fun and a healthy and happy time.

Victoria Hall
Chief Operating Officer, Forbury People

Our thoughts on...

Performance Management

So, Deloitte reported that it took in excess of 2 million hours to do the annual performance reviews of 65,000 employees and so they have ‘binned’ the performance appraisal and ratings process and in so doing, set hares running regarding the usefulness of ‘performance management’.

Adobe said their processes took the equivalent of 40 full time jobs! I can see that those levels of investment can’t be justified when conventional performance management is failing to improve performance. However, diving deeper into these comments has identified that companies are rather now developing managers to have performance conversations where the emphasis is on regular contact and with a focus on goals, growth, and development.

There’s an implicit recognition that performance and engagement are strongest when employees feel supported by a manager’s guidance and coaching and when they have more ownership of the process. Maybe what we are starting to see now as there is a move away from the ‘rating’, is great quality conversations, that demonstrate how we value the person: real ‘leadership’ in action?

Sally Evans
Senior Consultant, Forbury People

Legislation updates

  • National Living Wage

    As the implementation of the mandatory National Living Wage looms nearer, employers are starting to assess its financial costs.
    The National Living Wage is due to come into force in April 2016 for all workers aged 25 and above, at £7.20 per hour.
    More on the National Living Wage >>

  • Gender Pay Gap reporting

    The Government proposes to require all UK employers with at least 250 employees to publicly report the gender pay gap in their organisation.
    More on Gender Pay Gap reporting >>

  • Immigration Bill

    Four main aspects of the bill are of interest to employers. They include employers being informed when their employees’ visas expire so they will know when they are breaking the law. However, there will be no defence available for those employers that have clearly been told a visa has expired if they then continue to employ that person.
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Also in employment news:

Training events

Due to the huge success of our 'Workforce Planning' workshop, we have decided to host the workshop at our Reading office on the morning of Tuesday 1st December, with the next part of our training programme on 'Employee Engagement' taking place on the same day after a short lunch break.

Details of our next training sessions are below.

Workforce Planning: How to get the best out of your people

This session will cover:
Understanding your workforce – who do you have? How do you undertake a skills audit? Why is knowing your talent important?

Register for Reading - 1st December 2015 >>

Employee Engagement: the business equation

94% of the world’s most admired companies believe that their efforts to engage their employees have created a competitive advantage. At this next workshop in our 2015 programme of training and development for HR and leadership professionals, FPL consultant Sally Evans, explores the business case for investing in employee engagement.

Register for Reading - 1st December 2015

Register for Cardiff - 3rd December 2015

Register for London - 8th December 2015

HR Resource Giveaway

Updated Redundancy Factsheet from Employmentbuddy

For our winter warm-up giveaway, our updated Redundancy Factsheet is currently available to download free of charge for our readers on our Employmentbuddy website.

Feel free to download this & be sure to browse Employmentbuddy's extensive library of guidance notes, policies, factsheets, templates & more.

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