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Capitalism in disarray – is HR ready for the challenge?

No wonder employees feel unhappy. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) recognised last year that the share of UK economic growth enjoyed by workers is at its lowest since the Second World War...(link to full article).

How much HR do robots need?

It may not spell the total demise of HR, but the rise of robots now promises a big difference to workforce numbers and character. Already some very big companies rely heavily on robotics...(link to full article).

HR = Human Relationships

Focus in many successful companies is concentration on winning business, operational excellence and adding profit. All good, but do human relationships usually get sidelined? (link to full article).

No Hiding Place

A modern phenomenon showing that traditional planning in business or politics no longer works out as expected is the rise of social media, combined with increased social activism...(link to full article).

What exactly needs changing? Re-organisations and contract terms issues for HR

It is a frequent issue for HR that a decision is made to carry out some organisational change that impacts all or any of working hours, shift arrangements, rates of pay, duties to be carried out, and other similar matters that not surprisingly make employees feel...(link to full article).

New pressures on HR from supply chain risks

Convergence of various developments will pull over stretched HR more towards how to manage and monitor supply chain issues, especially when contracting with overseas countries that have a high risk profile for workforce practices that offend international standards and UK corporate values...(link to full article).

Training events

Employment Law Forum: “Pull Yourself Together!” - How to Manage Workplace Stress and Prevent Brownout - London, 16th June 2016
As part of our Employment Law Forum series we would like to invite you to our next seminar on “Pull Yourself Together!” - How to Manage Workplace Stress and Prevent Brownout, at our London office this June.

Webinar: TUPE Update - Online, 7th July 2016
In this webinar, Clarkslegal’s employment team will provide an update on the latest TUPE regulations.

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