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In the HR industry...

Has the PM made trade unions redundant?

The start point based on what our new Prime Minister Theresa May has been saying is no apparent reason to expect reduced rights for workers...(link to full article).

The dying lunch hour: what's the beef? 

Out of 2000 workers surveyed, nearly 60% revealed they take, or are given a lunch break of less than 30 minutes. Increasingly workers in the UK have taken to eating at their desks...(link to full article).

Home workers: how to measure performance? 

Home workers need to be self-motivated and trusted to manage their own work whilst working away from the office. Typically, employers might want to consider...(link to full article).

The importance of Employee Engagement: myth or reality? 

Mutual gain employment relationships, creating a win-win for employee and employer, are crucial for the success of any business. In a social media crazed society, employees are perfectly positioned to be loyal advocates, enhancing their company's reputation...(link to full article).  

Doomed or dynamic? A choice.

One vital lesson for business is to adapt, not adopt a mindset of doom, but actively look for advantages in whatever situation arises...(link to full article).

Collaborators are winners. Is your organisation collaborative?

Human Resources is the natural facilitator of defining, teaching and managing effective collaboration in any organisation. It may need a change of mindset...(link to full article).

Employment Highlights

* Shared parental leave pay - to enhance or not to enhance?
* Attention: Changes to the National Minimum Wage
* Apprenticeship levy update
* Applicant X - avoiding bias and discrimination in recruitment

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