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Industrial Relations strategic services

The regularity and pace of change in organisations puts great pressure on industrial relations, and any mishandling of industrial relations causes long term damage to workplace relations and employee engagement.

Our specialist capability is to assist in managing industrial relations in the most positive ways possible compatible with achieving necessary business requirements, and working with our clients in relationships with trade unions which are healthy and constructive or which at times are a cause of hostility and disputes.

We can help with plotting a course through a change programme and advising on all steps to seek a negotiated outcome, or to help manage an imposed change scenario if need be. We recognise that the case for change needs to be made out, and explained well, in the hope that a consensual outcome will be achieved in the best interests of everyone affected. This is not always done well by businesses who may then be rightly challenged.

We have both UK and international experience in labour relations, and see our role growing constantly in response to the increasing globalisation of trade unions as well as businesses.

This means we also address issues arising in global supply chains, international Human Resources, reputation management concerns arising in labour relations, and we see the objective as being the achievement of proper business objectives which are in the long term interests of employees and other stakeholders, but always ensuring that labour practices accord with internationally recognised standards and human rights.

Our experience encompasses helping with the review, negotiation and drafting of collective agreements with trade unions, setting up elected employee representative bodies, helping establish staff associations, working on collective or individual grievances or disputes, and assisting with trade union recognition issues.

We can offer help with planning for industrial action, contributing to relevant contingency planning, rapid response to situations arising, and training of management for such risks.

Our philosophy is that whatever happens to cause disputes, it is vital to achieve long term trust and confidence with employees and to safeguard business reputation both with the employees of the business and the wider public.

Our strength is our experience and know how, learned the hard way at times, which we deploy to help businesses weather storms and to ultimately win through with employees who retain confidence in the leadership of the business.

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