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Do you find that financial words, terms and phrases send your mind into a spin? If you answered ‘yes’ you are not alone, so why not demystify the jargon forever? Just a few words maybe stopping you or your business being as successful as possible.

This booklet has been written to make the complex understandable. It removes the mystique of those mysterious words and frightening expressions so often used by financial colleagues and accountants. There is now no excuse to remain confused –is there?

All downloadable so you can take action right now! So what is stopping you?

The book is available on for £7.50 (+VAT).

About the Author

Peter Johnson has worked in the private, public, not for profit and corporate sectors and now runs his own consultancy. He has also lectured at Post Graduate and Masters Degree level. His wealth of experience is underpinned by achievements in a career that has spanned accountancy, HR, operations, project management, sales and general management.

Peter specialises in developing people, teams and organisations to exceed their previous best and achieve at the highest level. Over a varied career, he has created a considerable portfolio of pragmatic business tools. His client portfolio ranges from small business to large global brand names. He has gained a reputation for understanding client’s needs and delivering high quality, forward-thinking, workable solutions to maximise their performance.

His experience in helping individuals and organisations is drawn from extensive ongoing research, education and down to earth practical delivery. He is an alumnus of two top international business schools and has a range of other qualifications to support his experience.

This is one of the publications in a series he is writing to allow people to dispel the myths that surround many aspects of management, leadership, personal development and business.

Are they on the rig is a new book written by former Forbury People Consultant Ro Gorell.

This book lifts the lid on what talent management is really about - not only demonstrating why it starts with getting the right people on the bus in the first place, but also providing ten simple principles for how to nurture and sustain the talent that exists, untapped, at every level in your organisation.

The book is available on Amazon for £8.99.

About the Author

Ro Gorell is a Business Facilitator and Change Consultant and joined Forbury People in 2011.

Ro worked in HR for ten years, studying for a Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management and then later a Masters in Law and Employment Relations.

However, it was only when Ro left HR and moved into a Business Improvement role that she realised what really grabbed her was enabling organisations to change and change for the better. Ro created her own business which specialises in behavioural change in an organisational setting and has since gained a Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching.

Ro also writes a blog associated with Are they on the right bus, which can be found at

Michael Nicholas

Are you wondering how to increase your impact in business? Or perhaps you want to know how to foster more cooperation and creativity in your team? These questions, and many like them, have the same answer – effective leadership.

Michael Nicholas explodes the myth that such goals are best achieved by working harder or changing behaviours. Instead, this book centres on the benefit – in fact the necessity – of focusing on the root cause of our results, the mind. Challenging at times, this book leads you on an exploration of the core principles for effective leadership that includes:

  • Demonstrating that taking full responsibility for leading yourself is a prerequisite to inspiring others
  • Explaining why we resist change and how this can be overcome to fulfil more of our potential
  • Equipping you to transform your relationships
  • Describing the vital principles for creating collaborative teams and generating win-win solutions
  • Showing you how to create leaders around you – possibly the best measure of your leadership

Understanding the process of personal change and then mastering it is critical to improve corporate, team or individual performance. For people eager to transform their influence and effectiveness as a leader and to help others to do the same, Being the Effective Leader is a superb handbook that offers simple yet profound lessons that can be applied every day. Your dealings with others may never be the same again.

Click here to buy this e-book for £8.33 plus VAT (£10.00).

About the author

Michael Nicholas helps leaders to deliver enhanced results. With ten years experience as a leadership consultant, as well as several years working at senior levels in blue chip companies, he has helped several of the UK’s largest organisations and many smaller, entrepreneurial businesses to achieve greater success. He has also delivered training in coaching skills to hundreds of people from around the world and is the founder and Managing Director of Optimal Track Ltd, an organisation specialising in Leadership Excellence and High-Performance Teamwork.

Ian Munro

Forbury People have a solution which will provide some really practical help to job seekers without incurring massive costs to the employer.

Employers are always concerned when they have to make jobs redundant and the effect this will have on the involved staff. Many larger organisations will retain an outplacement or career transition company to run either individual or group programmes to help people get back into employment.

However for smaller and medium sized companies the cost of these programmes can be prohibitive and staff are often left to fend for themselves. Given the current economic environment this means that these people now out of work will have an even tougher time finding a new job.

About the author

Ian Munro has been involved in Career Transition and Outplacement work for many years. He works with people at all levels in organisations from the shop floor to board directors. In conjunction with ourselves, Ian has written an e-book called “100 + Top Tips for Job Seekers”. This e-book is filled with top tips about all the key areas of successful job searching.

These include: Identifying your ideal job, writing a fantastic CV, how to network (over 50% of all jobs are found through contacts), managing agencies, responding to adverts, interview technique, running a successful campaign.

This is a really practical way you can help your employees by giving them access to Ian’s top tips.

Click here to get access to this unique and practical e-book for £8.32 plus VAT (£9.99).

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